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Condition: New. Boris Vallejo cover illustrator. Cover by Boris Valejo in beauftiful condition is near new with some aging to book otherwise is new.

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MST3K - Outlaw | MST3K | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Summary - Tarl Cabot's long exile was over. Again he was back on Gor where he had once been the proudest warrior and mightest tarnsman of that savage planet. But nothing was as it had been. Seller Inventory More information about this seller Contact this seller. Book Description Del Rey, Mass Market Paperback.

Never used!. Seller Inventory PX.

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John Norman. Publisher: Del Rey , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title In this second volume of the Gorean Series, Tarl Cabot finds himself transported back to Counter-Earth from the sedate life he has known as a history professor on Earth. Buy New Learn more about this copy. While Cabot protests his innocence, and Talena believes him, the guards capture her, and Cabot is forced to flee along with his diminutive sidekick, Hup.

Recognising the danger that Cabot represents, Lara and Xenos hire a "Hunter" to pursue and capture him. In the meantime, Lara betrays Watney and has him thrown in the dungeon, and attempts to have Talena killed by putting her in a fight with two female gladiators, only for Talena to easily triumph. In the desert, Cabot and Hup encounter another band of slavers, and after attacking their encampment, rescue a female slave.

That night the Hunter finds Cabot, Hup and the freed slave, and captures them while they sleep.

ISBN 13: 9780345271365

Upon being brought back to Koruba, the three are thrown into the dungeon by Lara, despite Xenos's attempts to persuade her that even being held hostage, Cabot is too dangerous to be left alive. Xenos attempts to persuade Cabot to return to Earth, and Lara tries seducing him, but both attempts are unsuccessful, as Cabot is now determined to bring them to justice over Marlenus's death.

The alliance between Lara and Xenos breaks down, with the former becoming frustrated at Xenos's lack of loyalty, and the latter realising just how disastrous it would be for Lara to rule Koruba, which leads to the two double-crossing and attempting to kill each other, though Lara's attempt ends up being the successful one. The following day, Cabot, Talena, Hup and Watney are brought outside the castle for a ceremonial execution.

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However, the four repeatedly fight off their executioners, until Lara sends in her entire guard and the Hunter, rapidly overwhelming the four. As the Hunter prepares to strike the death blow on Cabot, Watney reveals that Lara was the actual killer of Marlenus; the Hunter believes this without question and throws a spear at Lara, immediately killing her.

With Cabot and Talena now crowned King and Queen respectively, they prepare to finally consummate their relationship. However, Cabot's ring then starts glowing, causing him to be worried that he's about to be sent back to Earth. Instead, Watney ends up being the person sent back to Earth, where he promptly finds himself being arrested for jaywalking in a busy road.

Under the name Outlaw , the movie was featured in episode of Mystery Science Theater The episode debuted December 11, , on Comedy Central.

Outlaw of Gor (1989)

Kevin Murphy claims this change was made to fit with the non-technical nature of the character of new host Mike Nelson. Writer and later performer on the show Mary Jo Pehl wrote, "The real highlight of this baby is Jack Palance in a stunning array of goofy hats.

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